Larch OS

Carrier grade NOS for Marvell packet processor based devices. With support of Marvell eDSA unique cascading and port replication capabilities.

Larch OS brings the whole set of network management features and protocols, available in, market leading IP Infusion OcNOS system, to the world of Marvell Packet processor based hardware platforms.
Starting from top-performance 100Gbps Marvell Bobcat3 devices to 10Gbps and even 1Gbps solutions.

Network Operating System

LarchOS is full-featured network OS for Marvell Packet Processor based devices. Its features include advanced capabilities, such as extensive switching and routing protocol support and SDN (software defined networking).

LarchOS gives network operators, carriers and enterprises the most advanced software solution that enables broad range of cost effective Marvell Packet processor based devices. Complimented by Larch hardware platforms up to 1.8Tbit high capability solutions these hardware platforms allow operators to create diverse solutions, and rapidly deploy new networking features and services at less TCO.

Comprehensive Feature List

The system adapts IP Infusion widely-deployed and time-tested ZebOS network stack, that support over 200 network protocols and conforms to leading IEEE, IETF and MEF industry-specific standards.

LarchOS control plane software design is highly modular with multiple processes handling each individual protocols.

The processes are managed and contained by a process handler framework, which also monitors the processes, restarts and maintains event logging for them.

Ready-to-use hardware platforms

From 18x100Gbps to 24×1+4x10Gbps hardware configurations that are able to run LarchOS are available from Larch networks both as ready-to-order devices, produced by leading Taiwan ODM manufacturers and as platforms design kits to be licensed and produced by customer.

Easy to Manage and integrate

The operation and management is provided using CLI and SNMP which is built on top a fully transactional management plane. The LarchOS management plane can support a wide variety of management interfaces like CLI, SNMP, REST, NETCONF, SAF IMM-OI and any future or custom north bound management interface.

LarchOS infrastructure is SDN and NFV ready. The control plane and data plane has support for SDN support through OpenFlow.

High Availability

LarchOS provides standards based redundancy protocols like VRRP, BFD, ring failure recovery protocols, MLAG, UDLD and graceful restart mechanisms. This protocol level redundancy provides guaranteed network level redundancy. For device level redundancy, LarchOS supports service availability frameworks based master-slave hot standby syncing. This feature is supported for several key protocols allowing device level redundancy in the absence of peer level network support. LarchOS supports process heart beat monitoring and restart feature for process survivability in a 1 rack unit or multi-chassis format.

Management, Security and Qos Features

  • Access control list
  • RADIUS & TACACS+ support
  • Role based access control
  • Modular & Hierarchical QOS for Policing, Marking and Shaping
  • Flexible flow classification and action rule-set
  • NETCONF support, Ansible Integration
  • Sflow support, DCHP Relay/Client
  • Syslog, SNMP Support, Industry standard CLI

Whole range of applications
Access level
Metro Access
Service Edge and Core
Carrier grade features
Layer 2 extensive switching
Layer 3 Diverse routing protocol support
Data Center Ethernet
Management Software with High Availability
SDN – software defined networking
Portfolio of ready-to-use hardware platforms

Layer 2 Feature list
802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol/802.1 w Rapid Spanning Tree / 802.1 s Multiple Spanning Tree / RPVST+
VLAN’s with QinQ support
802.1Q VLAN’s / Trunking support
Private VLAN’s
802.1 AB Link Layer Discovery protocol
802.3x Flow control
802.1x Authentication
802.3ad Link aggregation group support
Multi-chassis Link aggregation group support

Layer 3 Feature list
Static IPv4/IPv6 route support
OSPFv2/v3, ISIS (v4/v6), MP-BGP, RIPv2
Multi-path ECMP
VRF Lite – IPv4
BFD for IPv4, IPv6, Protocol support for OSPF, BGP, in Global and VRF space
IGMP v2/v3, IGMP Snooping, querier, proxy report suppression

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