ORAMA X400 Network Packet Broker


The fastest processing, highest density, most flexible combination of port speeds and simplest management.

ORAMA X400 is a high port density Packet Broker with 32 QSFP56-DD 400Gpbs ports visibility enabling users to interconnect different network protection and monitoring tools quickly and easily. Beyond server ready high speed connectivity for security and monitoring tools, this Packet Broker is also a feature rich traffic manager.

Every port support QSFP single density modules that would allow 200Gbps QSFP56 or 100Gbps QSFP28, as well as breakout cables with 8×1/10/25/56Gbps or 2x100Gbps connections.

Packaged in a compact single RU chassis the Orama X400 offers immediate value for today and an efficient path to the inevitable adds and changes for tomorrow.

Product Highlights

  • 32x400Gbps QSFP56-DD in 1U form factor
  • 256x56Gbps High Speed Serdes MAC in a
  • single PFE Packet Forwarding Engine
  • that support 1/10/25/56 port speed modes
  • Aggregate, Filter and Load Balance core
  • network traffic across existing and future
  • tool portfolio
  • Non-blocking architecture, Line Rate
  • System Throughput 12.8 Tbps
  • Session Aware Load Balancing by IP
  • address, protocol, port, VLAN, MAC
  • address or other parameters.
  • Session Aware Load Balancing by IP
  • address, protocol, port, VLAN, MAC
  • address or other parameters.
  • Maximizes visibility and efficiency for
  • monitoring and security tools
  • Dual Hot swap power supplies and fans
  • for greater resilience
Management ports1x RJ45 100/1000Base-T out-of-band
1 x RJ-45 Console, 1 x USB Type A
Switching ChipMarvell Falcon 98CX8512
CPUIntel Broadwell-DE D1517
MemoryDefault 8GB DDR4
Max 32GB DDR4
SSD module optional
BMCAST2520 optional
Power supply units2 x 100-240 VAC, 650W
Redundant, hot swappable
Power consumption520W max
Fan units5 (4+1 redundant)
Hot swappable
Dimension(W) 440 mm x (D) 470 mm x (H) 44 mm
Weight, kg9.7 kg
Operating temperature0°С –  +40°С
Larch OS Software Features

Layer 2 Feature list

802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol/802.1 w Rapid Spanning Tree / 802.1 s Multiple Spanning Tree / RPVST+
VLAN’s with QinQ
802.1Q VLAN’s / Trunking support
Private VLAN’s
802.1 AB Link Layer Discovery protocol
802.3x Flow control
802.1x Authentication
802.3ad Link aggregation group support Multi-chassis Link aggregation group support CFM 802.1ag
VxLAN support with EVPN

Layer 3 Feature list

Static IPv4/Ipv6
OSPFv2/v3, ISIS (v4/v6), MP-BGP, RIPv2
Multi-path ECMP
VRF Lite – IPv4
BFD for IPv4, IPv6, Protocol support for OSPF, BGP in Global and VRF space
IGMP v2/v3
IGMP Snooping, querier, proxy report suppression MLD

MPLS/MPLS-TP Feature list

MPLS Architecture Support
LDP, RSVP support
RSVP Traffic Engineering support
RSVP FRR with 1:1 and 1:n support
Pseudowire setup and maintenance using LDP Pseudowire setup and maintenance using BGP EVPN support over VPLS
MPLS L3VPN for IPv4/IPv6
Differentiated Services over MPLS
BFD for Pseudowire VCCV
OAM for MPLs based transport networks, pro- active connectivity check, RDI
MPLS TP, Transport Profile Support
MVPN Support

Management, Security and Qos Features

Access control list
RADIUS & TACACS+ support
Role based access control
Modular & Hierarchical QOS for Policing, Marking and Shaping
Flexible flow classification and action rule-set NETCONF support
Ansible Integration
Sflow support
DCHP Relay/Client
SNMP Support
Industry standard CLI