Larch Networks At a Glance

2022Larch Networks develops full MCLAG support for Marvell ROS based systems.
This will allow reliable connectivity and fail over for the cases where usual xSTP protocols will not be sufficient.
Larch had ported and integrated PTP 1588 solution, based on PTP4L and Renessas hardware on Marvell based devices. Serveral hardware platforms are now available with full clock GPS/in/out/SYNCE support from Larch.
2021Larch introduces Marvel Falcon based TOR switches to replace Bobcat3 based devices. With an upgraded formula of 48×25+8×100 Ethernet ports and 2Tbit capacity these allow additional capacity for the modern data-center.
Larch ports all available software NOS stacks for these devices, both commercial and SONIC SAI
Larch had partnered and intergrated Miyagi for the NOS – comprehensive remote management system for the enterprise network switches so the end users can focus on developing, deploying and monitoring their applications.
Larch continues to participate in SONIC SAI development for Marvell based platforms.
2020Larch pioneerded with 400Gbit products to the market based on Flagship Marvell Falcon packet processor.
First 400Gbit capable switching NOS and packet broker solution serving customers in Kazakhstan.
Falcon based devices allow up to 256x50Gbit lanes per 1U of RACK. (32x400Gbit QSFP-DD ports) with total 12,8Tbit forwarding capacity.
Larch expanded industrial DIN mounted Gigabit managed devices to include L3 features and PD POE power delivery.
2019Larch offers REST management for Marvell based switches.
Larch presents line of rack mounted Poncat3 24 and 48 ports Gigabit managed POE devices with 10G uplinks.
Larch presents line of 8 port Industrial DIN Gigabit managed POE switches with 10G uplinks.
Release of First IP Infusion based NOS for Marvel Bobcat3 based TOR switches.
2018First batch of Marvell Bobcat3 TOR switches are ready.
Larch starts SONIC SAI integration for Marvell Bobcat3 TOR switch.
Larch signs partner agreement to develop packet broker solutions.
Larch integrates SYNC-E support for Marvell Lewis.
2017Larch develops full WEB UI management capability for ROS.
Larch develop unique fast-boot capability for switches – switch is ready in less that 30sec.
Larch design industrial switches in 19″ rack form factor.
Larch integrates third party management system to ROS using OpenROS.
Larch designs first POF plastic optic fiber network switches.
2016Larch presents OpenROS — open, extendable architecture for Marvell ROS based devices.
Larch sings partner contract with IP Infusion to provide solutions for Marvell based devices based on IP Infusion NOS software.
Larch is the first company to provide Openswitch 1.0 NOS on Marvell BC3.
2015Larch Networks develops multi layer H-QOS hierarchical QOS solution on unique Marvell devices.
Larch develops full 1588 PTP solution for Marvell switches using Microsemi PLL.
Larch designs industrial 12-24 port switch in DIN mounted form factor.
2014Larch creates solution for OAM link monitoring.
Larch Networks creates unique small footprint solution for network switches based on FreeRTOS.
2013Larch works on FPGA based switching solution to deliver resilient Ethernet communication.
Larch extends offering for VEHICLE based rugged devices.
2012Larch integrates telemetry solution from IXIA into enterprise switches.
Larch builds unique Ethernet switch with E1 telephony capabilities for rural areas.
Larch starts localization projects to assist local network manufacturers to create national network device offerings.
2011Larch designs gigabit managed rugged switches for vehicles with IP67/IP68 and VICTORY compliance.
Larch provides OpenFlow integration on Marvell Bobcat1 devices.
Larch develops software for device-level energy management solutions for industrial plant management.
2010Larch opens development office in Kyiv, Ukraine
Over 100 clients served worldwide.
Larch hardware and mechanics department is created.
Larch develops unique solution for home automation.
2009Founded, by team of engineers to develop and support network software.
Signed strategic partnership with Marvell to support Marvell ROS customers worldwide.
Larch works on hardware bring-ups of Marvell based devices worldwide.