At a glance

Larch Networks is a systems engineering, implementation and deployment company, comprised of professionals who have an in-depth background in complex project management, system design, fabrication and integration.


  • Larch pioneerded with 400Gbit products to the market based on Flagship Marvell Falcon packet processor
  • First 400Gbit capable switching NOS and packet broker solution serving customers in Kazakhstan
  • Falcon based devices allow up to 256x50Gbit lanes per 1U of RACK. (32x400Gbit QSFP-DD ports) with total 12,8Tbit forwarding capacity.
  • Larch expanded industrial DIN mounted Gigabit managed devices to include L3 features and PD POE power delivery.


  • Larch offers REST management for Marvell based switches
  • Larch presents line of rack mounted Poncat3 24 and 48 ports Gigabit managed POE devices with 10G uplinks
  • Larch presents line of 8 port Industrial DIN Gigabit managed POE switches with 10G uplinks
  • Release of First IP Infusion based NOS for Marvel Bobcat3 based TOR switches


  • First batch of Marvell Bobcat3 TOR switches are ready
  • Larch starts SONIC SAI integration for Marvell Bobcat3 TOR switch
  • Larch signs partner agreement to develop packet broker solutions
  • Larch integrates SYNC-E support for Marvell Lewis


  • Larch develops full WEB UI management capability for ROS
  • Larch develop unique fast-boot capability for switches – switch is ready in less that 30sec
  • Larch design industrial switches in 19″ rack form factor
  • Larch integrates third party management system to ROS using OpenROS
  • Larch designs first POF plastic optic fiber network switches


  • Larch presents OpenROS — open, extendable architecture for Marvell ROS based devices
  • Larch sings partner contract with IP Infusion to provide solutions for Marvell based devices based on IP Infusion NOS software
  • Larch is the first company to provide Openswitch 1.0 NOS on Marvell BC3


  • Larch Networks develops multi layer H-QOS hierarchical QOS solution on unique Marvell devices
  • Larch develops full 1588 PTP solution for Marvell switches using Microsemi PLL
  • Larch designs industrial 12-24 port switch in DIN mounted form factor


  • Larch creates solution for OAM link monitoring
  • Dull network infrastructure for Russian Lomonosov supercomputer development
  • Larch Networks creates unique small footprint solution for network switches based on FreeRTOS


  • Larch works on FPGA based switching solution to deliver resilient Ethernet communication
  • Larch extends offering for VEHICLE based rugged devices


  • Larch integrates telemetry solution from IXIA into enterprise switches
  • Larch builds unique Ethernet switch with E1 telephony capabilities for rural areas
  • Larch starts localization projects to assist local network manufacturers to create national network device offerings


  • Larch designs gigabit managed rugged switches for vehicles with IP67/IP68 and VICTORY compliance
  • Larch provides OpenFlow integration on Marvell Bobcat1 devices
  • Larch develops software for device-level energy management solutions for industrial plant management


  • Larch opens development office in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Over 100 clients served worldwide
  • Larch hardware and mechanics department is created
  • Larch develops unique solution for home automation


  • Founded, by team of engineers to develop and support network software
  • Signed strategic partnership with Marvell to support Marvell ROS customers worldwide
  • Larch works on hardware bring-ups of Marvell based devices worldwide

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