Network Switch Modules 

Meet our new Network Switch Modules for your special network projects.

All Network Switch Modules are powered by Marvell Ironman processors – the first 10G processors, developed specifically for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications, supporting TSN/HSR.

Designed to deliver a full portfolio of scalable, high-performance, low-power, small-footprint, feature-rich Ethernet switches, optimized for industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications operating in extended temperature range and harsh environments.



  • Integrated PHY
  • On-board magnetic
  • Jumbo Frames support
  • Cut-through operation to minimize traffic latency 
  • IEC 62439-3 – HSR/PRP High available seamless redundancy (Parallel Redundancy Protocol)
  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) IEEE
  • Parallel (x8) and Serial LED interface for port activity status
  • Highly scalable (cascade up to 1K modules)

Processor, Memory, and Security

  • Dual-Core ARMv8 up to 1.2 GHz
  • High bandwidth DDR4 (1G /2G options)
  • eMMC (up to 256G)
  • Secured boot/storage
  • IEEE 802.3ae standard compliant 256b MACsec engine with capacity to process, encrypt and decrypt the entire devices bandwidth bi-directionally traffic (optional)
  • OOB 1GE ethernet interface
    *Optional assembly possible with internal CPU disabled and PCIe Gen3 Device connection instead of OOB.


  • RS232 CLI out of band management for secure installations
  • Support for fast boot
  • Management software (TBD)

Low power consumption
Optional PoE (PSE/PD
Support for industrial extended temperature range

Module Variants

  • Support up to 12 Ethernet ports: 8 10/100/1000BaseT copper  + 4 optical ports (Up to 10G)
  • Up to 50 Gbps bandwidth
  • Support up to 20 Ethernet ports: 16 10/100/1000BaseT copper + 4 optical ports (Up to 10G)
  • Up to 72 Gbps bandwidth
  • Support up to 30 Ethernet ports: 24 10/100/1000BaseT copper + 6 optical ports (Up to 10G)
  • Up to 86 Gbps bandwidth
  • Support up to 54 Ethernet ports: 48 10/100/1000BaseT copper + 6 optical ports (Up to 10G)
  • Up to 110 Gbps bandwidth
  • Support up to 52 Ethernet ports: 24 10/100/1000BaseT copper + 24 optical ports (Up to 2.5G) + 4 optical ports (Up to 10G)
  • Up to 126 Gbps bandwidth
  • Support up to 13 Ethernet ports: 13 optical ports (Up to 10G)
  • Up to 132 Gbps bandwidth

Voice VLAN
Multicast TV VLAN
Triple Play, MVR
Q-in-Q, Selective Q-in-Q
Multicast Bridging Mode
Static Multicast Groups
IGMP Snooping
MLD Snooping
Flooding of Unregistered Multicast Frames
Per-device Spanning Tree
Rapid Spanning Tree
Multiple Spanning Tree
STP Root Guard
BPDU Filtering
Per-device Loopback Detection (LBD)

LAG Balancing
Static and Dynamics (DHCP/BootP) IP assignment
DNS Client
IPv6 Host
Dual Stack
ISATAP Tunneling
MAC-based Port Security (Locked Port)
802.1x Port-Based Authentication
Time Based 802.1x
Guest VLAN
Unauthenticated VLANs
802.1x – MAC Authentication
Flow Monitoring (sFlow)

RADIUS Remote Authorization and Authentication
RADIUS Accounting
DHCP Snooping
IP Source Address Guard
ARP Inspection
DoS Attack Prevention
QoS Across the Stack
QoS statistics
Egress Rate Limiting (Shaping)
Ingress Rate Limiting
Packet Storm Control
Dynamic VLAN Assignment

SONiC network operating system logo

It’s possible to order the modules with SONiC NOS on board. Larch Networks will provide all integration support.

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