Local Hardware Production

We are ready to engineer a network project for your local market according to local needs. Grow your business using all opportunities.

Our team is dedicated to helping our partners succeed, and we are committed to providing the resources and support necessary to establish successful local business partnerships. We understand the need to support local manufacturers and are fully prepared to help organize some domestic production of the network hardware.

The Localization Roadmap

Step 1

Establishing Business

  • Creating business processes
  • Dealing with the logistics
  • Technical support organisation
  • Branding and additional products for local clients

Step 2

Semi Knocked-Down Production

  • Providing the devices in a disassembled state with PCBA
  • Establishing local production of some device parts

Step 3

Completely Knocked-Down Production

  • Delivering PCB for SMT assembly
  • Delivering all needed components or assisting their local production

As an international company with clients worldwide we understand the importance of supporting local producers and forming local supply chains to ensure production, supply chain safety and sustainability in the modern world.

More and more companies are thinking about how to reduce risks and costs by supporting local producers and creating domestic products. We are ready to assist our clients in organizing local business to start the production of own network products.

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