Larch Networks Hardware Development

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Our team of experts combines software and hardware development to provide you with the latest technology and unbeatable performance.

Partnering with top ODM companies, we deliver the best offers in terms of performance, time-to-market, and price. Whether you’re a startup with a revolutionary product idea or a corporate client seeking professional service in custom network hardware, and project management, we’re here to help you succeed.

Let us engineer Your project 

Starting from drawings of prototypes, to mass production, keeping the idea of the concept developed by designer we constantly balance between visual perception, manufacturability and cost of production. The Software part of the project can be done according to both widely used Software development methodologies: waterfall and agile according to the customer preference. 


We clarify all requirements an. This is mainly done by business development department, as well as consultants from partner companies and component suppliers.


The electronic schematic of the device is created. We use OrCAD for this purpose. The development is carried out by Larch Networks, and we have a dedicated laboratory with the required capabilities.

Technology Stack

According to schematic a layout and Bill of Materials will be created. The dedicated layout specialist handles this task. As a result we get the Gerber-type files for the printed circuit board.

Mechanical engineering

We create a 3D model of the final device, including the board, cables, and all participating components. A step-by-step assembly instruction is generated for production, providing guidance to assembly for line workers.


We create samples, test them, and address any shortcomings. Then 5 to 10 devices are produced. All major errors found during testing have been rectified for these devices. This involves redesigning boards and modifying components if necessary.


We end up with 10 working devices that meet the expected functionality and the full document package. The receiving of design documentation and samples marks the end of the hardware development project

Through these systematic steps, Larch Networks professionals ensures a well-defined prototyping process that leads to the successful creation of functional devices while meeting the project’s requirements.

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