Larch Networks Customised Network Devices

Need a custom network switch with some special requirements, more functionality or different set of ports? We will develop it according to your needs. Or just choose one of many already created pieces of network hardware.

Discover our range of network switches that are designed to provide you with reliable and long-lasting performance. At Larch Network, our professional team specializes in developing tailor-made network hardware and software of various levels of complexity.

Our expertise in supporting different network products has enabled us to create exceptional combinations of products and software that meet the needs of our clients. We have been providing NOS testing services since 2011 and are committed to delivering high-quality network equipment that meets the highest industry standards.

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At the cutting edge of technology
Exploring innovative interconnect solutions beyond current limits.


Certified Marvell solution  provider
Deliver comprehensive worldwide assistance to Marvell’s diverse clients.


Tailor-made networking solutions
Drawing upon our extensive expertise in computer networks, embedded hardware, and software.

Tier-1 brands rely on us as their leading provider.

Top companies including Marvell, Harmonic, IAI, Pegatron, Network Critical, and others trust us as their primary provider for various services.

We deliver high-quality tailor-made solutions and earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner, enabling us to establish long-term relationships with our valued customers.


Meet Larch Networks high-performance Gigabit Ethernet managed switch with 256Gbps switching capacity.

54CSFP Managed Switch LN-2554CSFP Telecom/FTTH Switch. The four built-in 10G SFP+ ports and two 20G QSFTP+ uplinks provide flexibility, allowing the insertion of fiber or copper, Gigabit,10G or 20G transceivers, to create high-speed uplinks to servers or service provider in a corporate, campus or customer access networks, reducing bottlenecks and increasing the performance of the network.

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