LarchOS new version release notes

LarchOS is full-featured network OS for Marvell Packet Processor based devices. Its features include advanced capabilities, such as extensive switching and routing protocol support, possible extensions for MPLS, and SDN.

LarchOS is full-featured network OS for Marvell Packet Processor based devices. Its features include advanced capabilities, such as extensive switching and routing protocol support, possible extensions for MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), and SDN (software defined networking).

Comprehensive possible Feature List 

The system adapts IP Infusion widely-deployed and time-tested ZebOS network stack, that support over 200 network protocols and conforms to leading IEEE, IETF and MEF industry-specific standards. System control plane software design is highly modular with multiple processes handling each individual protocols. The processes are managed and contained by a process handler framework, which also monitors the processes, restarts and maintains event logging for them.

Currently Implemented functionality of the system on Marvell Falcon platform

Port configuration:

System is configured for two split DAC cables of QSFP56-DD <> 8xSFP56 format for connecting devices at speeds of 1/10/25/50Gbps – implemented in static mode on first two physical ports numbered 1 and 2.

Porst ce1-ce2 are not accessible in the system configuration

Other QSFP-DD ports are marked as ce3-cexx

16xsplit outputs ports are labeled accordingly as xe1-xe16 and may be used both with QSFP-DD split cables and QSFP-4xSFP cables as well. Speeds on ports xe1-xe16 are configureable.


  1. VLAN:
  2. Jumbo Frames of at least 9100 bytes
  3. 802.1AD – vlan stacking
  4. Native VLAN support on trunk ports (trunk L2 port must forward untagged packets in both directions if native VLAN is configured on port)
  5. 802.1ax link aggregation (LAG)
  6. IGMP Snooping


  1. IPv4 address on port;
  2. IPv4 address on VLAN;
  3. IPv6 L3 (routed) interfaces 3
  4. Static routing:
  5. 32-bit ASN
  6. AS-Path relax feature
  7. BFD single hop (including IPv6 link-local support)
  8. MP-BGP
  9. eBGP over IPv6 link-local addresses
  10. PIM
  11. IP IGMP


  1. Multicast
  2. Protocol Independent Multicast:  RFC 4601
  3. PIM SM v4/v6
  4. RFC 5059 Bootstrap Router (BSR) Mechanism for PIM
  5. PIM – Dense Mode (PIM-DM): Protocol Specification (Revised)
  6. PIM SSM
  7. MSDP Multicast Source Discovery Protocol 
  8. IGMP ver 1-3, RFC 1112, RFC 2236, RFC 3376.
  9. MLD ver 1-2, RFC 2710, RFC 3810, RFC 4604.
  10. IGMP snooping v4-v6
  11. IGMP report suppression for v1, v2 and v3
  12. IGMP Proxy IGMP-based Multicast Forwarding (“IGMP Proxying”)
  13. IGMP Fast Leave

Control systems:

  1. VRF-aware OoB management
  2. All related services (DNS, SSHv2, Telnet, SNMP, NTP, FTP/SFTP, Tacacs, Syslog) over OoB
  3. Management, Instrumentation and API requirements
  4. Chassis and environmental info (power, temperature, fan RPM etc.)
  5. Pluggable optics info (power, temperature, signal levels etc.)
  6. System info (CPU, memory, disk etc.)
  7. Interface statistics
  8. SNMP version 2
  9. ACL statistics (per-ACE match counters)
  10. Key-based SSH authentication for at least 32 users
  11. Firmware update over HTTP/FTP
  12. LLDP

Classification, Filtering and QoS:

  1. QOS and ACL modification without traffic disruption
  2. Ingress interface
  3. L2 header fields (802.1Q: VLAN ID)
  4. L3 header fields (IPv6: SRC, DST, PROTO, ICMP: Code and type)
  5. L4 header fields (TCP/UDP: SPORT, DPORT, TCP: Flags)
  6. Granular classification based on combination of fields from L2, L3 and L4 headers

Unsupported functionality in the version and known issues

  • Flow control mechanisms are turned off
  • Support for split cables is configures in static mode on ce1-2 ports – «port breakout enable» commands work is in progress. (may require device reboot)

Issue updates

Fix board reboot issue
Use 128 virtual port mode – fix VLAN numbering issue
Enable Multicast
Pass stress tests with 60k IPv4 and 60k IPv6 routes simultaneously.
Decrease timeout for flushing fdb to 2 sec
Add timeout for flushing fdb due to imish stuck #21544
fix Comand “switchport/no switchport” causes imish to freeze #21544
cpss_l3_add_uc_prefix: fix errcode to GT_FULL for FDB manager call + log formatting
Add support of fdb routing for host routes #21492
Init shared memory to fdb=32, em=0, lpm=0, arp=4 by default
fix: Interfaces disappear after reboot #21530
fix: nsm_crash_at_halk_talk_bug #21525
fix: hostpd_crash #21498
fix: network_operator_login_bug #21513
BGP Community with last two bytes equals zero #21483
Add support of fdb routing for host routes #21492
warning when creating bridge for vlan-interface #21484
cpss_pkt_process: skipping proprietary Cisco frames and frames with Length field #21485
hostp_debug_hw_snmp: fix buffer overflow for float values
permiting BGP community numbers like 65535:XXXXX #21483
Add additional verifications for call appDemoDxChPortMgrPortModeSpeedSet #21356
cpss_get_eport_counters: fix switch case value
Fix QSFP ddm output
Fix ECN marking bug. Added binding profile to the port #21103
Fix ipv6 acl bug #21301
Edit cnc related code to support Falcon