OpenROS by Larch Networks allows to focus on the coaxial cable communications

We’ve been approached by our partner – a leading provider of cable communication products. They’ve been developing a new product and needed 10G resilient ethernet connectivity. With Larch support they delivered and continue to supply thousands of customers with reliable cable service.


The company is serving cutting-edge equipment to telecom operators to deliver best service over copper cable. With a focus on coaxial cable communication technology, they have developed a DOCSIS3 technology based device, offering access speeds of up to 5Gbps and delivering internet, voice and video over the same network, surpassing the existing market offerings. They’ve also needed resilient ring network topology to ensure reliable operation in 10/20 gigabit speeds.


With the Larch OpenROS system they’ve been able to concentrate on coaxial cable communication technology and rugged device design, while Larch handled the crucial aspect of Ethernet switching.

With OpenROS we empower customers to run their software on the same switch device. They can write code and run it on the device’s central processor. They can leverage hardware resources and assemble and deliver custom firmware to clients.

Larch will concentrate and deliver necessary Ethernet network features that will help to achieve customer’s goals of video multicast delivery, ring networks resilient architecture, routing and tunneling. We also extend the base system with CLI and other management tools that customers can use to control their software, benefitting from the authentication, authorisation and accounting of the base system