Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway


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As the internet data are growing at unprecedented rate due to advancements of 5G, IoT and always connected device, the capacity demand for telecom network is soaring. Locating at the edge of the network, the cell site gateway is high volume deployment product and an ideal location for mobile operators for high-volume cell site and aggregation routing applications.

Open and disaggregated hardware and software solution can reduce CSPs’ costs, increase choice, and speed up the pace of innovation to meet the dynamic of market demands. LN-3604G8GF-6Y is engineered with the latest Marvell Prestera Family with diverse connectivity, timing synchronization capability, and temperature hardened design all integrating into a compact 1RU design for telecommunications network.

LN-3604G8GF-6Y is an open hardware design that support the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) that provides options of installation of alternate.

Interfaces4 x 1G RJ45 ports
8 x 1G SFP ports
6 x 10/25G SFP28 ports
1 x RJ45 Mgmt port
1 x RJ45 Console port
1 x USB Type A Mgmt port
Timing Interfaces1 x ToD Input/Output
1 x 10MHz Input/Output
1 x 1pps Input/Output
GNSS1 x GNSS Antenna Receiver
CPUARM Cortex-A55 2C/1.6GHz
Switch SiliconMarvell 98DX3500M+88E1548P
Memory4GB DDR4 w/ ECC
Storage32GB eMMC
Forwarding Bandwidth162 Gbps
MACsec Forwarding162 Gbps
OAM SupportHardware-based OAM engine
Buffer Size3MB
Hardware Timing CapabilityITU-T Synchronous Ethernet
(SyncE) ITU-T G.8262
IEEE 1588v2 T-TC,T-BC Class C
ITU-T G.8275.1
TSNIEEE 802.1CM TSN for Fronthaul
Profile B
Frame Preemption
L1/L2 Cache sizesL1 32KB, w/ECC
L2 512 KB, w/ECC
AC Input100VAC ~ 240VAC , 50 ~ 60Hz
DC Input36 ~ 75V
Power140 Watts (Typical)
Consumption170 Watts (Max)
Redundant 1+ 1 PSU modules
Marvell ROS Software Features

Voice VLAN
Multicast TV VLAN
Triple Play, MVR
Q-in-Q, Selective Q-in-Q
Multicast Bridging Mode
Static Multicast Groups
IGMP Snooping
MLD Snooping
Flooding of Unregistered Multicast Frames
Per-device Spanning Tree
Rapid Spanning Tree
Multiple Spanning Tree
STP Root Guard
BPDU Filtering
Per-device Loopback Detection (LBD)
LAG Balancing
Static and Dynamics (DHCP/BootP) IP
DNS Client
IPv6 Host
Dual Stack
Dynamic VLAN Assignment

ISATAP Tunneling
MAC-based Port Security (Locked Port) 802.1x Port-Based Authentication
Time Based 802.1x
Guest VLAN
Unauthenticated VLANs
802.1x – MAC Authentication Action-on-Violation
Flow Monitoring (sFlow)
RADIUS Remote Authorization and Authentication
RADIUS Accounting
DHCP Snooping
IP Source Address Guard
ARP Inspection
DoS Attack Prevention
QoS Across the Stack
QoS statistics
Egress Rate Limiting (Shaping)
Ingress Rate Limiting
Packet Storm Control

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Switch Options

  • Mobile Backhaul Router
  • X-Haul Ethernet Transport Switch in Private Networks
  • Carrier Access Switch

Product Highlights

  • Temperature hardened design for harsh environments
  • Precision Timing and Synchronization (IEEE1588v2 & SyncE)
  • Compact 1RU design at 250mm depth
  • High availability in redundant design: 1+1 PSU Module, and 4+1 Fan Tray
  • Serviceability: all I/O and replaceable FRUs are front access for easy maintenance
  • Hardware support MACsec IEEE 802.1AE for strong cryptographic protection at Layer 2 data transmission
  • Hardware support TSN IEEE 802.1CM Profile B Frame Preemption
  • Hardware support SRv6