Larch Networks in TIP OpenLAN Group, boost switching at the network edge

Larch Networks, a Marvell based campus and data center switches ODM and software development service provider recently joined TIP OpenLAN group, and together with expanding the list of OpenLAN supporting switch models with its own line up of campus switch models.

Larch Networks will assume a leading role in defining the OpenLAN requirements and coordinating activities in regards to aggregation switches (alongside WiFi access points and access switches that are discussed in OpenLAN group).

In this role, Larch Networks will promote the definition of aggregation switch requirements and features, oversee uCentral integration, and explore how integrating SONiC NOS into aggregation switches can be achieved. 

SONiC has become the de facto standard for L2/L3 data center networking due to its origin as a high-end server-grade data center software router. Recent advancements in Marvell’s switch and CPU technologies have enabled the use of Marvell® Prestera® 98DX35xx (codename AleyCat5x) chipsets for campus, edge, use cases, and Marvell® Prestera® 98DX73xx (codename Aldrin-3) for aggregation switches use case, leveraging on this data center-grade software.

Larch Networks delivers campus, edge, and aggregation switch platforms, that are pre-integrated with NOS (SONiC, among others), with cloud management agents such as uCentral, thus completing the platform’s capabilities to meet OpenLAN standards. Marvell-based switches from Larch Networks excel in robust design, flexible WiFi6 and WiFi7-ready PoE support, stacking support, link speed, port density mix and match, and more. uCentral harnesses these capabilities to offer stable, robust, and advanced data-center-grade networking at the edge.