Larch Networks Ltd joins development with Marvell – the leading fabless semiconductor company that ships over one billion chips a year.

In order to meet the explosive demand for intelligent switching solutions, cooperation between merchant silicon and software vendors is playing a very important role in the complex development process. The close relationship between Marvell and Larch is a perfect example of how two companies have brought together best-in-class hardware and software to create a powerful model that enables data and telecom manufacturers to quickly and efficiently integrate IP routing into their next generation products.

Larch Networks Ltd is enabling Marvell to offer their OEM customers and system vendors the full-featured routing software solution with additional, customer oriented network add-ons and features. The core of Larch’s software offering is delivering the most up-to-date advanced features and product functionality, to support the specific needs of telecom and datacom system vendors.

High-performance IP routing systems require a significant investment in software protocol development, product integration and validation, which in the past has slowed product time to market. Now, with Larch’s expertise, datacom and telecom equipment vendors can design and release advanced networking equipment, providing wire-speed IP-routing, Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic prioritization to support emerging voice and data application services, while meeting their engineering schedules and significantly reducing time-to-market.

Major networking vendors are already incorporating the integrated Larch’s software based on Marvell’s ROS in their upcoming next-generation systems.

Larch partners with Network Critical to further advance packet broker solution for developing markets.

Network Critical’s products allow organizations to safely connect monitoring, security and performance tools. 

The complete line of visibility solutions offered by Network Critical is different from traditional tapping technologies – they make a copy of a network’s traffic, isolate themselves from the live network and are able to collect all traffic passing through the network without introducing latency. This reduces the risk of network downtime, while ensuring the network is fully visible. The result is that all traffic is seen without impacting the flow of traffic along the live network.

Larch engineers and developers help Network Critical to continue their work on vision of network visibility for the future. New network architectures and infrastructures such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN), 100Gbit and 400Gbit network solutions will require new visibility strategies and technologies. As carriers prepare for the 5G transition and enterprise networks wrestle with BYOD, information security and far flung cloud architectures, Network Critical is there with visibility solutions. 

Larch is advancing Network Critical to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective visibility solutions for networks with today future Network technologies.