Adverse weather conditions caused interruptions in video streaming due to changing transmission rates in the radio links.

Recently, we solved a unique challenge faced by one of telecom operator clients.

Larch Networks team swiftly addresses any issues, including complex non-standard problems that other vendors might shy away from. During adverse weather conditions, the radio links transmission rate would decrease, causing interruptions in video streaming. Radio equipment uses a regular flow control mechanic for the link speed management but this does not solve the problem as the traffic is mixed on the same link and prioritization and control is the key.


To overcome this obstacle, Larch has developed a custom solution that combines Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms and Flow Control. By reconfiguring transfer rates based on speed decrease warnings from the radio modems, we ensured uninterrupted communication for the key high priority traffic. This solution required joint effort by Larch and customer support teams to ensure and achieve interoperability with the radio modems hardware in place.

One of the key elements that sets us apart in the industry is our commitment to empowering customers with unparalleled flexibility. Our devices allow customers to write their own code and run it on the device’s processor, leveraging hardware resources and delivering custom firmware to their clients. This gives our customers the freedom to innovate and customize their offerings, providing a competitive product to the market.

This collaborative approach that Larch use for each and every project is most important in the relations with customers.